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Y&T Incorrect Species CD (2008)

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This special 2-disc set is a reissue of Y&T's '90s releases Musically Incorrect and Endangered Species. Includes liner notes and bonus video footage.

Though widely under-appreciated during the grunge-era of the 1990s, these two albums are considered by the band to be some of their favorite material. Wallet includes liner notes written by the band about writing and recording the albums, and bonus video footage from 1995.

Disc 1: Musically Incorrect
1. Long Way Down
2. Fly Away
3. Quicksand
4. Cold Day in Hell
5. I've Got My Own
6. Nowhere Land
7. Pretty Prison
8. Don't Know What To Do
9. 21st Century
10. I'm Lost
11. Confusion
12. No Regrets

Disc 2: Endangered Species
1. Hello, Hello (I'm Back Again)
2. Black Gold
3. Gimme The Beat
4. God Only Knows
5. Sumthin' 4 Nuth'n
6. Still Falling
7. Voices
8. I Wanna Cry
9. Sail On By
10. Can't Stop The Rain
11. Try To Believe
12. Rocco
BONUS VIDEO: Footage from the Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA 1995