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RARE Test Pressing: "Summertime Girls" Live & Studio Versions

RARE Test Pressing: "Summertime Girls" Live & Studio Versions

End date: 05-07-2024 - 08:00:00 PM
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This is a VERY RARE test pressing. The only version of the original live performance of Summertime Girls at the shows we recorded for the Open Fire Live record. The live version was originally going to be the only version of this song released on record, as we heard our Artist Relations rep for A&M Records was not interested in it as a studio track, so we thought we would release it as a live track only on Open Fire Live.

Then as we were mixing Open Fire Live, the whole A&M staff heard the rough mix of this live track and they freaked out and thought it was a hit. So they immediately sent us into the studio to record this song as a studio track. They ended up wanting to get it out immediately for the summer so they shelved the live version and placed the studio version on the Open Fire Live record instead. It ended up becoming a huge single and MTV video for us in the summer of 1985.

So, this live version is one of the only actual masters of this song on the planet. One side is the live version, and the studio version is on the other side. This may be one of only two copies of this song master in existence.

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