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Vinyl Test Pressing - Yesterday & Today Album

Vinyl Test Pressing - Yesterday & Today Album

End date: 02-18-2024 - 08:00:00 PM
Winning bid: $850.00 (9 bids)
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G*** S***** $850.00 02-18-2024 - 07:59:59 PM
E**** S******* $825.00 02-18-2024 - 07:59:59 PM
G*** S***** $800.00 02-18-2024 - 07:59:51 PM
E**** S******* $775.00 02-18-2024 - 07:52:57 PM
E**** S******* $750.00 02-18-2024 - 07:52:10 PM
E**** S******* $725.00 02-18-2024 - 07:50:14 PM
G****** U***** $700.00 02-09-2024 - 08:26:14 AM
n**** k****** $600.00 02-09-2024 - 08:03:02 AM
D***** A******** $550.00 02-09-2024 - 07:40:38 AM
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This is the very first test pressing I ever received. It was a for our first album, recorded in 1976. This is my one and only personal copy. Well kept over the years in the original sleeve. I played these probably two dozen times or more on what was a state of the art turntable & cartridge at that time. Minimal wear was done to the grooves considering this was my only reference until the record was released. Test pressings, such as this, are a rare find, This is a true classic and without question a one-of-a-kind product.

I will provide a certificate of authentication and sign the pressing, if requested.

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