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Dave's 1974 Marshall MkII Super Lead - Main Amp for 3 Decades!!

Dave's 1974 Marshall MkII Super Lead - Main Amp for 3 Decades!!

End date: 02-18-2024 - 08:00:00 PM
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J*** B****** $7,000.00 02-18-2024 - 07:57:46 PM
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This is the one. It was with me everywhere from 1976 through 2000. This was my very first Marshall, purchased new in 1976. Bought this, and all my remaining Marshall cabinets, with our first record advance. I have used this amplifier for almost all of my guitar tracks on every record from Yesterday & Today (1976), through the Ten record (1989). Rehearsed and wrote all the popular Y&T songs with this amp. Every live show and tour from 1976 through the 2000s was always this amplifier as my main amp mic’d up through the PA. 

My main amp on these and many more tours:

1982 AC/DC (For Those About To Rock) UK and European tours

1983 Ozzy Osbourne European tour

1983 Dio US tour

1984 Twisted Sister US tour

Motley Crew (Theater of Pain) US tour

Aerosmith & Rush (Grace Under Pressure) tours

1986 Y&T (Contagious) tour with Ace Frehley  

If you saw us on any of these tours, or anywhere between 1976 & 2000, you heard this amp!!

I replaced the large blue filter capacitors in the late 80s, as these tend to dry out. Then had it modified with a master volume, and new ohms selector installed in the back around 2013. This is one loud and awesome vintage Marshall with that crunch you are used to hearing, lots of sustain, and gets nice and clean when you turn down the guitar.

I will sign the amp and provide a certificate of authentication, if requested.

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